Sunday, February 27, 2011

Food Review: Turkey Products

Lately I've tried several turkey products:

Ground turkey

When we were first married I used to buy ground turkey instead of ground beef. I didn't mind the ground turkey, although it doesn't really taste the same as ground beef. But my husband complained, so I went back to buying ground beef.

Turkey pepperoni

I think I will never go back to buying regular pepperoni again! There is so much less fat in the turkey pepperoni, and to me it tasted exactly like normal pepperoni. My kids gobbled down the pizza without even noticing a difference in taste. I'm sold on it!

Turkey Bacon

My experience with the pepperoni was so good that I decided to try turkey bacon. BLEH! Never again! What is wrong with turkey bacon? Let me count the ways:
--It doesn't crisp up. I like crisp bacon!
--It is very low fat, but the fat was so low that it kind of burned on the pan.
--It doesn't taste like bacon! In fact, it tastes gross to me. We ate it in a BLT sandwich, and it was okay in that because there were other things to mask the flavor. But when I ate a piece by itself, it tasted like fried bologna to me. Blech...I hate friend bologna.
--The only redeeming factor of turkey bacon is that it is cheaper than regular bacon.

Have you tried any other turkey products that you liked?

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