Sunday, July 26, 2009

Italian Meatballs

I learned to make these from my mother in law who is Italian. Mine can't compare with hers, but I think they are still pretty good. I'm not going to give exact amounts here because I don't measure.

Ground beef (you could use some sausage, but we prefer ground beef)
Seasoned bread crumbs (these are sold in a canister)
1 egg
grated parmesan cheese
Grated Romano cheese

Basically, you add enough cheese to the meat to satisfy your taste buds. :) Add the egg and mix well. Now add the bread crumbs until the mixture is dry feeling. Next form the meat mixture in to golf ball size balls. Brown in oil on medium heat. Drain off excess oil. Cover and reduce heat to low. Allow to steam for a few minutes. Then add spaghetti sauce. You could make a good spaghetti sauce from scratch by adding tomato sauce, garlic, chicken bouillon, and fresh chopped basil. When I make meatballs, I feel like I put enough effort in to the meat, so I usually just used Prego. :) Cover again and simmer on low until you are ready to eat. I like to add about 1/2 cup of water to the sauce to help the meatballs soak up the sauce. While it is simmering cook the pasta of your choice.

That's a spicy meatball! ;)

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